Women's Ministry

The vision of the Women’s Mission should fall under the vision of our
the vision given to him. His vision is to be a ministry that has a
burden for souls, and to act upon that by allowing God to use us as a
witnessing tool. We expect every woman of Full Gospel Family
Outreach Ministries to catch onto our vision and operate under this
mission to assist in the fulfillment of Bishop Jones’ vision. Our
mission will provide an outreach ministry that will reach out and touch
the hearts of the lost and forsaken, and offer to them a solution to
every problem, which is Jesus Christ. He is our creator, our healer,
our comforter, our burden bearer, and the author and finisher of our
faith. For in Him we live and move and have our being. Proverbs 11:
30 says, “He who wins souls is wise” and the Women’s Mission has
designed many outlets, which will allow us to win souls. By
implementing outreach via our Apartment Ministry, Nursing Home
Ministry, Prison Ministry, and Sick/Shut-in Ministry, we are doing
just that.

Acts 16:9-10 speaks of a vision that Paul had of a man of Macedonia
standing and pleading with him for help. After Paul had seen the
vision, immediately he sought to go to Macedonia, concluding that the
Lord had called him to preach the gospel there. The world stands as
that man, pleading for the church to come and help them, by offering
them Jesus Christ. God has given our bishop that same vision, a vision
of a world that is in need of our help.

Our Women’s Conference was designed as a time of fellowship and to
celebrate the outreach ministries performed during the year. It is a
time for all the women to come together to be fed the Word of God by
anointed speakers and through Spirit-filled singers. After we have
spent the year giving the testimony of our Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ, we can look forward to receiving that Word back unto us
through the conference. As we receive strength and food for our souls,
we will be sent back out into the world to continue our vision of
reaching the lost. As our outreach ministry increases, our attendance
each year for the conference should increase as we continue to add new
women to our family through witnessing. This is the fruit of our labor